Utility Services


  • Safe and reliable skilled trades person
  • Clean while equipment is still energized up to 28,000 volts
  • No loss of revenue or production during cleaning
  • Improves system reliability
  • Complete inspection report detailing the physical condition of the unit
  • Infrared scan of unit before cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Use of toxic cleaning agents and solvents is eliminated

On the Job Videos:

High-Voltage Dry Ice Cleaning - Cleaning the rear of the insulators

High-Voltage Dry Ice Cleaning - This video illustrates the effective cleaning power of Dry Ice


Thermography Service

Services Include:

Complete utility plant inspections (overhead and underground)
Heat sources found on insulated equipment will allow Premier Line Services to identify potential failure points or flash over conditions
All Infra Red inspectors are certified
Detailed report on components showing any excessive heat signature and recommendations

Infrared scanning detects a rise in temperature, thus allowing it to be used in a variety of applications, including during normal operations.

Infrared scanning is used to scan building envelopes, electrical components and connections for excess heat. When there is a presence of heat, this indicates resistance. In turn, cause of this resistance is most often related to failing components, poor connections, corrosion, load imbalance and/or harmonics.


Many benefits can be derived from infrared scanning including:

  • locating potential problems prior to plant start up
  • reduced downtime and emergency repairs
  • reduced labour required for preventative maintenance by locating specific areas that require repairs
  • minimized scheduled maintenance times
  • extended equipment life
  • increased reliability of plant power distribution system
  • permits the evaluation and verification of repair work
  • prevention of accidents, personal injury and property damage.

Oil Sampling

Premier Line's experience shows that oil analysis is the most cost-effective way to asses the internal condition of oil filled transformers. The benefits of oil analysis are:

  • Tests provide an accurate assessment of internal condition of transformer
  • Identifies degradation of specific components BEFORE they lead to failure (Pro-active)
  • Enables operators to develop effective maintenance and replacement strategies based on the condition of the transformer
  • Low cost test process
  • Excellent return on investment

Electrical & Vault Room Maintenance/Inspections

Services Include:Electrical Vault Cleaning

  • Room assessment and oil analysis
  • Removal of weeds and vegetative growth
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Rooms vacuumed
  • CO2 blast cleaning of electrical apparatus

On the Job Videos:

Electrical Room Cleaning Using Dry Ice

Cleaning the Top of TX Insulators Using Dry Ice

Substation Inspection

Premier Line believes a good substation inspection program requires proper tools and documentation. Premier Line will provide the following services:

  • A comprehensive report on the condition of the station
  • Substation security
  • Removal of weeds and vegetative growth
  • Oil analysis